A driver is an independent contractor that accepts the request from a rider and completes the drive. The driver uses our app to review the riders request, milage, time, estimated price. The rider can either accept or decline the ride by clicking on the appropriate button. The driver navigates to the rider, once the driver arrives to the rider the driver swipes the "Location reached" slide bar. Once the rider and driver are ready to start the ride the driver swipes the "Start ride" slide bar to navigate to the riders' destination of choice. After arriving to the riders' destination, the driver swipes the "Complete ride" slide bar, enters any toll charges and click the "Done" button. Driver reviews the total rate, time, distance, etc. then the driver clicks the "Next" button. Finally, the driver rates the rider by selecting the number of stars (5 stars selected gives the driver the best star rating) and clicking the "Done" button.

Download The Driver App

Register using your mobile number. Submit legal documents for verification and choose a payout account. Drivers are given the option of accepting or declining rides, see the pick-up and drop locations, and rating riders.