A rider is the person who books and completes a ride. The rider uses our app to enter a destination of where they want to go in the "Seach your destination" box. Review options, vehicle size, estimated price, etc. Rider chooses desired option by pressing the "Book now" button, confirms their payment method, then reviews and clicks on the "Proceed" button on our Covid-19 statement page. The rider gets picked up by driver and driven to their destination. The rider reviews the total amount due and has the option to add a tip and presses the "confirm" button to pay the driver with their method of payment. Finally, the rider rates the driver by selecting the number of stars (5 stars selected gives the driver the best star rating) and clicking the "Done" button.

Download The Rider App

Register using your mobile number. Then, choose your pick-up, and drop-off address, and your preferred vehicle category. GPS tracks the driver's location. Finally, rate your experience after your ride.